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About wallbase
All the basic information about this website
Wallbase.cc can simply be described as a searchable wallpaper database, and it strives to be little more than that. The website doesn't have a long list of categories you would probably expect from this kind of service. Instead, we have a very powerful search engine delivering relevant wallpapers in a fraction of a second.
All the content here is uploaded by the users.


If you're not familiar with *chan structure, searching is done through 3 main categories/boards:
Additionally, some wallpapers are tagged as NSFW (Not suitable for work/school), Sketchy (Not entirely clean but not a NSFW also. Something in between) or SFW (Safe wallpapers).
The main rule for this website is to keep the images on a certain level of quality. I mean, I don't allow any child nudity, desktops, highly offensive wallpapers on Wallbase, but if you spot any disturbing images, please mark them for deletion. Thanks!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this service, feel free to use the Forum section, IRC, or drop me an e-mail - wallbasedotcc [@] gmail.com.

The staff of Wallbase take copyright violations very seriously.
If you spotted an image that belongs to you and you don't want it to be shown on this website, please let us know using this e-mail address: wallbasedotcc [@] gmail.com. We will delete it in a matter of hours and we will prevent from uploading it in the future. Thank you.


This section should have a contact form very soon. In the meantime, please use one of the methods below:
All submitted content remains copyright its original copyright holder. Images are for personal, non commercial use.
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